Improve Customer Satisfaction
Prevent Bad On-line Reviews

Keep your online ratings high and avoid bad reviews!

Let’s face it, people do read reviews before deciding to stay at your resort or dine in your restaurant. They read reviews before hiring contractors or making major purchases. 

Bad reviews can really hurt your business! 

What if you could address customer concerns as they happen, thus keeping your customers from writing bad reviews? 

With Qaryn you can! 

Qaryn will revolutionize the way you connect with your customers. 

How Does It Work?

Customers click a QR code you leave on tables, menus, signs etc or enter a web address…. Your choice.

Customers give their real-time feedback.

An email or text or both is sent to the manager immediately for them to address.

If the manager does not respond in a set timeframe as determined by the business, the issue is escalated to their manager or other designee.

All issues are tracked in an easy visual dashboard.

Who Can Benefit From Qaryn?


Set up as many areas as you would like to track and have emails/SMS messages sent directly to the managers of each area with escalation emails set with your parameters. For example… If there is an issue with housekeeping a message would be sent to the manager of housekeeping to handle.  If they do not react within your set timeframe a message would be sent to their manager.

Restaurants with Multiple Locations

This solution is perfect if you have multiple locations.  Instead of one feedback form being sent in where you have to follow up with the specific restaurant manager a message will be automatically sent to them and escalated if they do not respond.

Property Management Issue Tracking

Property Management

Allow your tenants to report their issues directly and rest assured only you can see their submissions. You specify who will receive the notifications based on the issue or the specific property. For example... if you have specific property managers that take care of specific tenants those issues will go directly to them but all issues are tracked for corporate.

track issues when you are not at your business

Absentee Owners

Do you own a business that you do not manage? Wouldn't you like to know what is going on in regards to your customers? Easily track all customer issues and how your employees addressed the issues with Qaryn. You will be copied on all reported issues and how your manager solved it. You'll also have a visual dashboard to track all issues over time allowing you to make necessary changes.

Home Owner Associations

Whether you want to track issues for maintenance, landscaping, pest control, cable, trash or other you can set up as many areas as you would like to track.  As issues are reported messages are sent to the managers over the specific area.  Of course, you can be copied on all correspondence.


This solution is perfect for really any company or organization with multiple managers.  Airports, stadiums, gyms, spas, theme parks and more.

Tools like Survey Monkey are great when you want feedback after a customer has used your business. But if you want real-time feedback you can address before they take their complaints to the internet you want Qaryn!

Plan For Everyone

Single Location (1-3 Managers)

Set Up Fee

$50 Per Month

1 Admin (free)

100 QR Code Stickers - $85


2-5 Locations or Departments (10 Managers Max)

Setup Fee

$250 per month

2 admins (free)

100 QR Code Stickers - Free


More Than 5 Locations or Departments

Call For
Set Up Fee

Set monthly fee based on number of users

2 admins (free)

Additional administrators ($25 per month)

QR Code Stickers, table tops, menus and more

How Do Your Customers Use Qaryn?

How your customers interact with Qaryn and your company is up to you.

100 QR code stickers are included with every plan we offer but you are welcome to put on your menus, key cards, table top cards… whatever you would like.

And our graphic designers will help you create whatever you like.

Point- Click-Report-Receive

Address = Happy Customer