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Restaurant Chain Customer Reviews

We are proud to have been selected by a large US restaurant chain to help them improve customer satisfaction using Qaryn. When it comes to restaurant chains it’s hard to pinpoint when specific restaurants are having customer service issues. Perhaps it’s a staffing issue or specific menu items. How can you pinpoint where your hot zones are? With Qaryn it’s easy.

Most restaurant chains have a feedback form on their websites or even at the bottom of their receipts. That feedback is generally sent into corporate. Corporate then has to follow up with the specific restaurant that had the issue. This can be cumbersome.

Real-Time Reviews

When your customers use Qaryn, their feedback is automatically sent to the specific restaurant manager. This is great because many times the manager can take care of the issue while the customer is still at the restaurant. This helps ensure your customers leave the restaurants happy and keeps their bad reviews off the internet!

Their management chain and corporate can be copied on the issue. All feedback is stored in an easy-to-use web-based database and you have a dashboard to see all issues and where your hot zones are. Corporate is able to specify who should receive the initial emails at each location. Corporate can also set the escalation schedule. So, if a manager does not respond within the allocated time the issue is sent on to the next person in the escalation chain.

How Do Customers Provide Feedback Real-Time

It’s simple. You just provide a weblink or QR code that we create for you on table or menus or anywhere you want them. You can even put them in your restrooms. Does your restroom need attention? Find out real-time.

  1. Customers use their cellphones
  2. Click the code or link
  3. Provide their feedback
  4. Click Submit
  5. Manager is immediately notified
  6. Resolves issue with customer
  7. Manager closes Issue
  8. All is tracked in easy-to-use web based database.

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